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Spare Parts

At Mid Coast Door Services we carry an extensive range of spare parts for garage doors and gates.

Spare Parts Including

  • Locks/face plates
  • Motors, remotes, springs and hinges
  • Motor parts
  • Batteries for remotes
  • Lubricants for hinges and wheels

Garage Door Remotes & Accessories

Mid Coast Door Services has a wide range of accessories designed to enhance the convenience, safety and reliability of your automated garage door. Improve the functionality of your B&D Opener with a range of accessories including battery back up, wireless entry keypads, safety beams and more...


Safety Beams

The addition of infra-red safety beams will provide added safety as the door will automatically stop and reverse if the beam is broken whilst the door is closing.


Combo Access Device

Allows your garage door to be disengaged and operated manually from outside. Suits sectional door openers.


Tri-Tran+™ Remote Control

Convenient garage door control featuring advanced encryption technology to protect against code grabbing devices.


Rechargeable Battery Backup

In the event of a blackout or  other break to the power supply, the opener will still be operational  with a rechargeable battery back up. 


Wall Mount Remote Control

Mounts inside the garage allowing remote door operation. Features Tri-Tran+™ Technology.


Emb-A-Seal for Rolling Doors

B&D Emb-A-Seals™ feature flame retardant rubber protects your garage from fire embers, dirt, dust and even vermin.


Entry keypad

Allows entry to the garage  without a remote transmitter. Great for children. No need to give them a key or transmitter as  they can enter the house with their PIN.


Combo Access Device

Allows you to open the door manually during a power failure, using a key to remove the barrel with a cord attached to the disengagement handle.


Tri-Tran+ Premium Remote Control

Combines stylish and robust design with advanced encryption technology to protect against code grabbing devices.


Smart Phone Control Kit

Turns your smart phone into an additional remote control.


Wall / Visor Remote Control Clips

Allows you to mount your remote control to the wall or place on car sun visor for added convenience. (Clip for premium remote pictured).


Emb-A-Seal for Sectional Doors

Comprising of aluminium seal holders that are fixed behind the jambs and lintel. Bristle brush seals fit into these holders to prevent the entry of embers, dirt & dust.


B&D Auto-Lock

The garage door plays an important role in protecting what's valuable to you so don't compromise on garage security. We now supply and fit the B&D Auto-Lock. When you close your garage door the Auto-Lock sends a heavy duty bolt through the guard rail to prevent thieves from being able to force it open - all without the need for a key.

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